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Revealing Grangegorman 2023 + Leaf No Waste

Leaf No Waste is delighted to be participating in Revealing Grangegorman 2023 – an event to celebrate Grangegorman and surrounding communities.

Join Leaf No Waste researchers in TU Dublin’s Greenway Hub to learn about food waste, plastic and alternative packaging, and sustainability in produce. This event will take place from 10:00 to 10:45 in GW302 on Tuesday 06 June 2023.

To register your interest, please submit your information using the form below. We’ll only use this information to estimate attendance and send an optional reminder. Registration is not required for attendance. If you have any questions about the event, please contact us via social media or reach out to Carissa at

Please note: this event will be facilitated in-person only and will not be hosted virtually.

About Leaf No Waste: Leaf No Waste is a collaborative research project between partners at TU Dublin and Teagasc. We are the winners of Science Foundation Ireland’s Food Challenge. Our research is focused on fortifying fresh produce to increase its shelf life, thereby allowing it to be packaged in non-plastic packaging without rapidly degrading. The end goal is to reduce the amount of plastic packaging that growers must rely on to maintain the freshness of their produce.

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Exterior photo of the Greenway Hub on TU Dublin Grangegorman campus
Source: TU Dublin/explore/our campuses/Grangegorman

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